Birth Defects: Possible Consequences of Zofran

Birth Defects: Possible Consequences of Zofran

Feb 02

Several illnesses and treatments can cause severe nausea, which can be dangerous as this could lead to dangerous levels of dehydration. Zofran is often prescribed by physicians everywhere in order to alleviate the nausea from patients. People who suffer from cancer and are treated with chemotherapy are often recommended this particular drug in order to soothe their nausea.

This is important as those who are ill need to be able to keep food and water down instead of retching it all up. This can be especially beneficial for pregnant women as they are quite prone to bouts of morning sickness during the duration of their pregnancy. Continuous nausea can be dangerous for the baby, which is why drugs like Zofran are often recommended in order to calm the gastrointestinal organs from the sickness.

However, there is some new evidence that links Zofran with certain birth defects, if the medication is consumed by pregnant women, especially if it is within the early development stages of the fetus in question. The child could be born with certain physical defects that are warranted immediately surgical correction.

Citing the website of Williams Kherkher, some of these defects linked to having been caused by Zofran are cleft lip and palate, as well as congenital heart defect. These can be dangerous, especially once growing up, as it automatically hinders some children from being able to do normal day-to-day activities, or even affect them psychologically, if the defect is found to be ubiquitous on a surface-level, such as that of cleft lip and palate, and that might lead to bullying or some other peer-related emotional trauma.

Medical situations such as this, especially if caused by an outer party, must be investigated at once. If you or someone you know has suffered these kinds of circumstances, it is advisable that professional help in the field of law is taken into consideration, in order for your case to be properly represented in a court of law.