Atrocities of Domestic Violence

Atrocities of Domestic Violence

Aug 10

Human beings are capable of many things, but the terror and oppression that one being can inflict towards another is harrowing. Domestic violence has been a plague in human culture since the beginning of time. The dynamic between the male and female in relationships can easily be offset into a place of animalistic rage. This fragile state can be detrimental to the health of the relationship and the health of the victim of such oppression. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence released statistics to quantify the horrible aftermath for victims of domestic violence. They are crucial in explaining the effect that domestic violence can have on women, who make up the majority of domestic violence victims.

There are countless possible causes for domestic violence in today’s culture. Oversexualization of women in media, gender binary stereotypes, and reinforcement from popular figures in the current political administration, has gradually led to a normalization of abuse against intimate partners. The NCADV has published information that outlines issues faced by past victims of domestic violence. In one study they concluded that “on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States”. This alarmingly high rate of violence must be addressed and handled so that domestic violence does not continue to affect partners. At twenty people per minute, this annually equates to over ten million male and female survivors. Such a large portion of the population means most people either are or know first-hand survivors of such violence. In a particular case in Milwaukee, one victim was able to report her case and luckily have the judicial system adequately handle her abuser. The man repeatedly beat her, spewed flurries of verbal and mental abuse, and on more than one case made threats on her life. There are many factors that lead up to the primary incident between partners, yet none should justify violence in any form. The impact, physically and psychologically, on a victim has the potential to cause long lasting side effects. Another study found that “there is a relationship between intimate partner violence and depression and suicidal behavior”. Being physically oppressed and beaten is the antithesis to what human nature was designed to be. Men and women were not placed on this planet, coexisting, so that man could abuse his counterpart. The design of this existence is to make a new life in the form of flesh, thought, and compassion. Domestic violence is a direct contradiction to this.

In summary, domestic violence is a rampant plague on our society. Victims are usually unable to report their abuse because of threats of greater violence. Most cases involve men taking advantage of women because of their physical advantage. This must be focused on and fixed before we, as a culture, can progress. In the country, 15% of all violent crimes are domestic violence cases. This figure is unacceptable, and thankfully the future looks brighter as we see a growing voice for victims of this violence. The future, hopefully, can see a day where domestic violence has no place in any relationship.

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